Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe

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Aky is my private shadow and best friend. She is very attached to me and I am to her. She is a friendly, playful, loving Border Collie. She does everything I ask her to and she is able to do every sport or activity I pick without a problem. She showed talent at herding where she managed to pass the Herding Working Test with me and we hope to continue in this direction. She loves rescue searching as well so I occasionally take her to the training along with Rémi as well. She loves people, especially kids - I give credit for that to her breeder who did a tremendous job raising and socializing her during those first months. Aky also enjoys swimming very much - in water she acts like a seal which is so funny to watch. It was my great pleasure to welcome two big beautiful litters of hers to our home. She is a great mom and I just love her babies. I want to thank again to her breeder Lucie for letting Aky's litters to be raised under her kennel Thiwahe and mainly for entrusting me with Aky - my soulmate with whom everything started.

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