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The whole story starts way before puppies are even born. We are very careful about choosing the right pair. Selected dogs must have the appearance in accordance with the standard of the breed as much as possible along with the instict & will to work. Nowadays, with so many tests available we can easily make sure the next generations are free from several diseases, that is why we only breed with health tested dogs and bitches. However, there is always a chance of a puppy or an adult dog of developing a health issue despite our best intentions. Should that happen we will strive to help and resolve the problem if possible.





Puppies raised in our kennel get bottomless loads of love and care and we expect the future owners to follow suit. Border Collies are very lively creatures and they simply do not settle for being in a cage all day and then go for a quick walk. Border Collies need to get a lot of physical and and even more mental distraction otherwise they will be unhappy. This is very important and every new owner should consider it before taking a puppy to the new home.



First two months have a great importance in puppy's life and therefore we do our best to raise self-confident, happy and playful puppies who become their owner's best buddies. From the moment puppies open their eyes, their socialization program starts. They are introduced to the rest of the pack and our home. They get to know cats, rabbits, ducks and several more farm animals we have. For our puppies, emphasis is simply placed on getting to know as many people, animals, objects and places as possible. Also, with every litter, we invite a kindergarden full of kids to come to play with the puppies. Since puppies can hear, we play to them some "scary" noises such as fireworks, the sound of train coming etc. (we start to play it very quietly and then we gradually increase the volume). Nevertheless, nothing beats the actual experience and that's why we take puppies to the city as well to socialize them so they can get used to the hustle and bustle.








All of our puppies get the full vaccination, are dewormed, have a petpass, the BAER test and a life-time contract where rights and obligations are summarized for the new owner as well as for the breeder. We prefer active new homes for our babies, where the new owner is open to every activity and will be eager to find out what will best suit them as a team. The only thing we require is to keep in touch with the new owner so that we can help anytime and to watch our litters grow.

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