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Rémi unexpectedly joined our pack in 2015. When something so small is born right into your hands it is crystal clear a special bond is created between you. Not that he was the only one actually he had eight other siblings but it was written in the stars that he would be ours. He is such a gentle and caring dog who wins your heart straight away - he is our true brains & beauty. Always full of energy, sometimes maybe too much! He is very good at the nose work and right now we are preparing for rescue and obedience tests. He is still a big baby so I find it hard to believe he has already accomplished so much. First adult championship finished at 15 months old, herding working test passed while just one and a half years old! And he keeps on going even though he is a crazy teen and working with him is sometimes difficult. But at the end of the day when he comes to lick my face till I am properly washed I just laugh and think how lucky I am to have him. He is co-owned by my brother Pavel who is very supportive in our journey with Rémi and I'll never be thankful enough for what he has been doing for us.

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