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Morty joined our pack in late 2015. He was born in the US and then lived in Denmark for three years. He is very showy dog from American & Italian lines. Apart from his very attractive look he has a great character too. He gets along just fine with Rémi and they are actually big buddies even though Morty is the ruler of our place. Morty and I have a strong bond between each other and he got used to the Czech language quite soon. He is a carrier of many championship titles and he has proven to be a great stud dog too. His progeny competes in agility, obedience and makes his daddy proud even in show rings. Morty does not enjoy shows that much, he would much rather have fun in our yard with the rest of the pack and maybe with some squeeky toys. I believe if we had had him since he was a  puppy we could have made a career in sports and cynology as well because he is an athletic dog with a will to work. But right now he is mainly our cuddly bear and we enjoy him as much as we can. Special thanks goes to his previous owners Morten and Dina (Gawain border collies) for allowing Morty to live with us.

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